In midst of internal CBI war between the CBI Director Alok Sharma and CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana, the government has appointed M Nageshwar Rao as the interim director of India’s premier investigation agency.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is facing an internal crisis as two of its topmost officers have waged a tussle by accusing each other of being involved in cases of bribery and corruption. In brief, the entire row is that chief of CBI Alok Sharma was investigating the agency’s number 2 officer Rakesh Asthan, when he himself is accused of bribery and corruption. As new angles of the complicated-than-a-movie CBI row is unfolding, the central government made a dramatic move by divesting the agency’s director, Alok Verma of his charge in the odd midnight hours yesterday.

Both Verma and Asthana have been sent on leave and sealed for further investigation by putting them under an intensive scanner. The central government has also ordered the appointment of Odisha cadre officer and CBI Joint Director M Nageshwar Rao as the interim CBI Director was given with immediate effect, until the entire furore is resolved. From today, Nageshwar will look after all the duties of the agency’s chief until a decision is made on the tarnishing case of wrongdoing in which two of the topmost officers are involved.

It has been reported that raids at the CBI headquarters in Delhi were conducted today early morning and floor number 10 and 11 are being searched. This is a high-voltage shocker move as the CBI usually works as an independent body and involvement of any political interference is not needed. However, the midnight order from the central government tells another story – considering the fact that both the involved officers are connected with two of the major arch-rival parties in Indian politics.