Are you an Android user who is having hard time picking a go-to messaging app and always envied the exclusivity of Apple’s iMessage, then now is your time because Google will soon launch a new Rich Communication Services-based messaging service called “Chat”.

Google has so many messaging app options that it gets too confusing to pick from, and none is exclusive to Android or none is really a go-to messaging app. Also, having too many options might seem like a good thing, but it gives some hard time deciding which to use. We’ve got the good-old Google Talk, then we had Huddle, Hangouts, Google Messenger, Allo, Duo, Hangout Chats and those dated-looking default Android Messages. That’s a lot, literally, a lot to experiment with – but well, it is not enough because there’s no competition to Apple’s iMessage yet.

In a bid to fill in the void of Rich Communication Services-based messaging platform like iMessage and will be named something like “Chat”. So yes, finally Google is developing a direct competitor app to iMessage, but exclusive to Android. If reports are to be believed, the “Chat” will not be a separate entity like Google’s previous messaging platform attempts. Instead, it will be built into the default Android Messages app. And it will certainly be developed using the Rich Communication Service and it will work somewhat like iMessage.

So with “Chat”, Android users will have new features like full-resolution photos/videos, and even typing indicators and you can send a message to another Android buddy, and that will be sent up to your carrier. Whenever any user will send message to another user, it will be sent in RCS format and will take up a little bit of your data plan. And if the receiver of the message doesn’t have RCS format, it will be sent as a SMS or MMS. The best part? It will be a “continuity” platform, just like iMessage which allows MacOS users to send texts from the comforts of their computers and can pick up the conversation on their iPhone or iPad. Google plans to launch Google Chat by the end of this year!