She’s back with a fresh new title – Annabelle: Creation, the follow up sequel of 2014’s hit horror film Annabelle. A full trailer with release date was released yesterday, and to be honest this new trailer itself has already scared me more than the entirety of that last movie.

To be honest, the first Annabelle was a tad bit dull, the spin-off of The Conjuring featuring a scary doll attached to a demonic something-or-other. It was a weird mix of Rosemary’s Baby and The Room that just didn’t work for even the wussiest person (probably). But this trailer, boy, it is scarier than the first whole movie; I mean the first jump shock is that you’ll know it when you see it and that itself two respectful zombified mummified thumbs up!

The film’s plot is focused on the doll-maker who created the grinning fiend in the first place. Twenty years after their daughter died tragically, a doll-maker (Anthony LaPaglia) and his scarred wife (Miranda Otto) welcomes nun sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and several girls from an orphanage that recently had to close. Unfortunately for the new arrivals, the possessed doll is none too pleased with the added house guests. And unlike the previous movie, it’s not a dilly-dolly play anymore.

So the nun, they just make the scary movies scarier (especially if you remember being taught by one, you know I do. #ConventSchool!); and Annabelle the scary-ass doll seems to be the jealous type who didn’t like the new home guests. The trailer shows that the movie will tell us the story about Annabelle’s start, justifying the movie title “Annabelle: Creation”.

Among the movie-doll spectrum, I wonder what it would be like if Annabelle and Barbie would fight. Interesting, right? So are you down for more Annabelle? The movie will creep in theatres on 11 August, 2017.