After ruling over media headlines and internet with her wedding buzz, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has now made it to the spotlight with a prestigious title – ‘Person of the Year’ from PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), for her work for animals.

PETA is an America-based international non-profit organisation that fights for animal rights and protecting animals. Each year, PETA awards ‘Person of the Year’ title to people who have made major contribution in helping animals and fighting for their rights as living beings. This year, the newly-wed Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has been honoured with the title for ‘”her wide-reaching work for animals”. Anushka is a vegetarian, loves animals and has helped dogs in Mumbai by protecting them from fireworks during festive season by promoting animal-friendly Diwali. She has even helped horses who were being forced to pull carriages.

Apart from these, Anushka has launched campaigns like PAWsitive and also a cruelty-free NUSH clothing line. She has personally visited animal centres and promoted her animal friendly work on social media. PETA Associate Director Sachin Bangera said, “Anushka Sharma is a proud animal rights proponent whose kindness and initiative know no bounds. PETA is calling on everyone to follow her lead by eating healthy plant-based meals, helping community animals by speaking up when they are suffering, and always keeping an eye out for new ways to help animals.”

This is the second time Anushka has been honoured as PETA’s Person of the Year, as she was previously given the same title in 2015. The actress also has a pet dog named Dude and it is believed that she has stopped eating non-vegetarian food because Dude hates the smell of it. Also, Virat Kohli, whom Anushka recently married, was awarded as PETA’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity in 2015.