Washington, DC: Newly elects US President Donald Trump has been surrounded by the criticism from not around the US, the world itself. Great place for Immigrants, USA is the key player in world’s economy and more than 80% of immigrants from around the world makes their contribution, expecting the better surroundings. Republican Party of USA Candidates Mr Donald Trump appointed as a President in October 2016, has made several major decisions which made the world shunned.

Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries has made a lot of people upset. Immigrant communities are most directly affected, of course, and the policy inspired spontaneous protests at airports across the country are not appreciable in any circumstances.

Normally in the USA, Business and Politics never gets closer despite any political situation. But the “American First” theory somewhat does not convince these key players of USA economy when it came to banning over various countries considering the anti-national activities within the border.

Opposition to Trump’s executive order isn’t limited to the technology sector by any means, but the situation is more mixed in other industries. Ford strongly opposes Trump’s policy, while GM and Fiat Chrysler have stayed neutral. Coca-Cola blasted the policy, while Pepsi has stayed quiet.

One big reason for this is undoubted that they’re hoping Trump will enact other policies they favor — especially tax cuts and deregulation. Strongly opposing Trump’s immigration agenda could alienate the president and make him disinclined to give them what they want on other issues. And while business groups generally favor more liberal immigration policies, they may not view it as a top priority.

On the other hand, Trump isn’t done crafting his immigration policy. He is rumored to be working on legislation that would restrict the use of visas like the H-1B that allow American businesses to recruit high-skilled foreign workers. Trump may also order further crackdowns on unauthorized immigration — something that would hurt industries like restaurants, hotels, and agriculture that rely heavily on immigrant labor. So while major business groups are largely sitting on the sidelines today, they could become more involved in the coming months.