After two years long row of resistance, Apple has finally prevented ban of iPhones in India by allowing the TRAI DND app for all iPhone users in India.

Apple and TRAI has been in a long rift about disagreements over the availability of TRAI’s DND app on iOS for all iPhone users in India. Since Apple is all about its strict privacy rules around user data privacy, they simply don’t allow third-party apps permission to read messages or call logs on its devices. Citing these rules, Apple simply disallowed the availability of Indian telecom regulator TRAI’s DND app as it required access to user sensitive data like phone’s contacts, call logs and SMS logs so that it can identify spam calls and messages.

Hence, the TRAI DND app that was released for Android and iOS platforms back in 2016 was not permitted on the Apple App Store. After a two-year long rift, TRAI had earlier announced that the government telecom regulator would “derecognise” Apple devices in India that disallows the installation of its DND app on their platforms. With Apple still disagreeing to compromise their policies, TRAI sent out a notice that it might completely deactivate iPhones in India for disallowing the DND app on their platform.

Ending the cold war, Apple finally permitted the DND app to be available for iPhone users in India through App Store. Hence, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) ‘Do Not Disturb’ app has finally live on App Store for latest iOS devices in India and works on the latest iOS 12.1 version. So if you are an Apple user and you want to pick some unwanted calls and messages that you simply want to block, and also automatic complaint against that number – you got TRAI DND app by your side.