Apple Inc. is well known for coming up with innovative gadgets which are updated and improved in succession. As per recent information, the company might finally ditch its lightning cable to bring USB type-C to iPhones.

There is still a lot of time left for Apple to come up with its next iPhone but in spite of that the market spreading news and rumors about its upcoming iPhone models is thriving at its peak. As per a recent information, it was revealed in a report that instead of just one model, Apple is poised to come up with two iPhone variants this year, one of which is probably going to be named as the iPhone X Plus while the other will be a smaller, 5.8-inch display iPhone X successor. Now, a fresh round of reports suggests that Apple might finally be ditching its own lightning port to embed USB type-C connectivity on its upcoming iPhones.

However, there is a twist here that might not be too pleasing for those who were eagerly waiting for Apple to adopt the new technology. Since now it is already very late in this year to allow any redesigns on this year’s launches, Apple will now be bringing the USB type-C port directly on its 2019 iPhone models.

According to the information from the sources Apple is now set to revamp its chargers and the related interfaces on the 2019 iPhones as well as iPads. However, the sources have not made it clear that how the company will be using a USB type-C. At the same time, there is also a possibility that the USB Type-C will be incorporated on the charger end, so Apple will be able to retain its lightning cable on the other. So now, the fans of Apple iPhones have no choice but to keep some more patience until Apple launches its new iPhones with the updated technology in 2019.