So I guess we are ready to say this since two of the most reliable Apple tipsters have said it – Apple is planning to launch a line-up of three new iPhone models: the largest iPhone ever, the upgrade of iPhone X and a ‘less-expensive’ one which is for anyone to buy. All this before 2018 ends.

Apple rumours, it is like mac and cheese. Well, not exactly, but perhaps understandable. So the point I am trying to make is, we get a lot of rumours when it comes to Apple and especially its launches. But since it has been confirmed by two of the most reliable Apple tipsters (Bloomberg and MacRumours), I am going to make it a call you can (hopefully) believe on. So the Apple news is that there might be a release of a trio of new smartphones later this year, which includes – the largest-in-size phone ever, an upgraded handset the same size as the current iPhone X and a less expensive model with some of the flagship phone’s key features.

However, among all three yet-to-be-launched iPhones, the most daring one for Apple would be the one that is for everyone – a cheaper variant of iPhone X. So as per the reliable tipsters’ reports, the “model for everyone” will have features like a 6.1-inch bezel-less display, Face ID and a top of the range A12 chipset but the screen will be LCD rather than OLED and the edges will be aluminium rather than stainless steel. Let’s call it ‘iPhone X SE’? You know how the cheaper ones are called SE. Or maybe not because the ‘affordable’ iPhone might cost as much as $699, which is essentially the same as iPhone 8 – which makes calling it ‘SE’ unfair.

Let’s talk about the largest one ever launched. So as per the reports, it will be as big as 6.5 inches and could perhaps be named as ‘iPhone X Plus’ with all the premium features like OLED, stainless steel edges, dual rear camera, etc – in a larger form factor with a bigger battery. Let’s hear some whoohoos? And, there might even be a ‘gold’ colour option. That brings some cheers, right? Then there will be the third one which will turn out to be something of an upgrade of iPhone X. Honestly, I don’t know what these will be like. But the reliable tipsters say that Apple has already started production test runs of its 2018 iPhones. So hopefully, that will avoid the chaos caused at the time of iPhone X launch. And for the closing note, we are talking about Apple here, so yes, it will be expensive, way more expensive that what it is, even if they tag it to be “affordable”. I see holes in a lot of pockets already.