The battery deterioration and device slowdown on millions of iPhones is costing Apple a hunch-full amount – first the company offered free battery replacement to users of iPhone 6 or later facing battery issues; and now the company is handing out a refund of Rs 3900 to users who missed out the free service and paid for it.

Apple Inc. is known for its quality and its services, which is why they know that customers will not be satisfied merely by the explanations regarding the programmed slowdown of iPhones with deteriorating battery. To resolve the issue, the company came up with an OS update and completely refurbish the iOS battery features in the iOS 11.3. Then to gain back trust, Apple offered free replacement of batteries to its customers owning iPhone 6 or later models. Millions of users received free battery replacement under the trust resolution programme.

To ensure nobody was left out were, since some iPhone users got their device battery changed by paying money, Apple decided to refund the replacement amount. Hence, Apple is giving out a credit of Rs 3,900 to the owners of iPhone 6 or later models who had spent money for the replacement of batteries in their iPhones. If you wonder whether you are eligible for the refund or not, check your email as the company is informing all eligible users through an email which will be circulated from May to July. Expect the email only if you had made paid battery replacement between January 1, 2017, and January 28, 2018.

The refund amount will be transferred electronically and if the payment was made through a debit card, the refund amount will be directly credited to their bank account. In case if you had paid for battery replacements during the prescribed period but have not received email for refund, you can directly contact the company regarding the matter. All you need to do is to come up with a proof of the availed services – that is the bill – and this is limited to all iPhone devices starting from iPhone 6 and above.