The first-ever ‘Made in India’ Apple product is almost ready to hit the racks by the end of this month as Apple declared that they will soon be shipping the India made iPhone SE to the domestic market sometime soon around this month.

California-based gadget giant – Apple is keen to boost its sales in Asia and especially one of the fastest growing economies – India. This is maybe an aftermath of the ‘unexpected’ yet obvious lag faced by Apple in China which literally just ditched the lavish-devices to the ground. Apple has set up a manufacturing unit at Bengaluru and will begin the initial production of a small number of iPhone SE in India for start-up sales in domestic market.

The candied part for us, the customers is that since the phone will be manufactured in India, it will not be a subject to import duties which means a major cut-down in prices. Yay! As per reports by the Wall Street Journal, one can expect the cut of almost $100 on the 4-inch iPhone SE variant with ‘Made in India’ tag.

Apple currently holds only 10% of Indian market and aims to compete and stand fierce against competitors like Samsung, Lenovo and other Chinese brands. The current price of the iPhone SE is $320 which could be lowered by as many as $100 after being manufactured in India. Definitely a treat re-treat for the Indian iPhone ‘devotees’.