Ariana Grande has promised to return to Manchester for a benefit concert which will raise funds for the victims of the terror attack and vowed that she will not ‘let hate win’.

The US popstar whose Monday concert at Manchester ended with a terror attack which killed 22 people had muddled Ariana Grande ever since. She said that she was totally broken by the barbaric act and had cancelled or postponed her concerts and flew back to Florida in tears. Almost three days after the incident, Ariana posted a lengthy message on Twitter consolidating the victims and their families and made an announcement that she will return to Manchester for a benefit concert in honour of and to raise money for the victims and their families.

Grande announced her intentions in an uplifting letter posted online that called on her fans to have courage following the attacks, and expressed a deep sense of sorrow for those lost and the families who are mourning their loved ones following the “heinous” attack. Ariana also said that “we won’t let hate win” and offered to “extend my hand and heart and everything I possibility can give to you and yours.”

Although the dates and details of concert have not been announced but Ariana promised to declare the details as soon as the schedule and plan is finalized. Grande did not offer an update on when she intended to resume her Dangerous Woman Tour, which was suspended in wake of the attack. She also said that the victims will always be in her heart and she will always think of them for the rest of her life.