The 2015-released song by Ariana Grande called One Last Time has risen on top of the iTunes chart as a result of fan campaign on social media. The song has been heralded as anthem for the 22 deceased at Manchester attack.

Ariana Grande had just finished her concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday night when the suicidal bomb attack killed 22 people and injured 119. The last song Ariana performed at the concert was her 2015 release One Last Time and fans have been sharing the video on social media saying that the moment had taken a whole new meaning. Ever since, the song has been heralded as an anthem to honour and remember the victims.

Without much ado, a fan campaign was initiated online to get the song track to the top charts in the memory of Manchester victims. The singer’s fans have been downloading the song, which featured in her gig set list at Manchester Arena on Monday night (May 22), in tribute to the victims of the atrocity. That was the last song those 22 beautiful souls heard and somehow it made so much sense and it is so relatable.

Some fans even made “unconfirmed” claims that the money raised by the sales of One Last Time will be given to the victims of attack. That is a skeptic claim but one thing is sure that the campaign has become successful and even radio stations have begun playing the song prompting to the influx of emotional reactions from fans.