Arpan Doshi, a young lad from Gandhinagar of Gujarat has now become the youngest person to receive degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from University of Sheffield in United Kingdom and has started working as youngest-physician in a hospital in north-east England.

With just an age of 21 years and 335 days, the Indian Gujarati boy has broken all previous records and has now become United Kingdom’s youngest doctor. The previous record of UK’s youngest physician was beaten by Arpan with a difference of just 17 days. Schooled till an age of 13 years in a local school at Gandhinagar, Arpan and his family moved to France when his father got a job in an international project in 2009. He soon realised that he knew a lot more than what was being taught at the school in France and so decided to skip a year.

At a mere age of 16 years-old, Arpan appeared for his International Baccalaureate, the French equivalent of the UK’s A-level exams, passing in chemistry, physics, economics, mathematics, Hindi and English. Amusingly, he received 41 out of 45 marks in the exam and then at an age of 17, he started applying for universities. Arpan was rejected from one university but his application was accepted by three others, of which University of Sheffield was so impressed by his talent that they offered him a scholarship of £13,000 for pursuing medical studies.

That was then, this is now, he has just received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree on Monday and has become the youngest physician of United Kingdom. The previous record was set by Rachael Faye Hill, who received her medical degree from Manchester University when she was 21 years and 352 days old, in 2010. But she has been replaced by the Gujju boy – Arpan Doshi, and with that, Arpan is all set to become the UK’s youngest physician to start working at a hospital in England, and then will start working as a junior doctor in New York next month.