Ravichandra Ashwin makes it to the top of one of the elite test cricket lists by breaking the 36-year-old record of most number of wickets taken within 50 test matches.

The Indian off-spinner R. Ashwin who recently broke the record of fastest wickets in history of Tests ever with a tally of 250 wickets in 45 matches. But the esteemed spinner is just unstoppable and at 49th test match, he already had a stand of 275 wickets. The previous record was by Australian player Dennis Lillee with 262 wickets in 50 tests, which Ashwin had already broke before even reaching at the half century point. So to smash the 36-years-old record by Lillee, Ashwin just had to walk safely into the Test against Shri Lanka at Galle.

Ashwin is the sixth Indian spinner to reach the feat of joining the club of 50 test matches and he is on the surge of breaking records after records. Right after the 36-year-old record, Ashwin is now all set to reach the 300-wicket mark ahead of everyone else, globally. Ashwin’s performance has contributed the most to the number one raking in Test cricket over the past two years.

To reach the record of 300-wickets, the 30-year-old just needs 25 more wickets and he will break the 300 wickets in 56 Tests record, again be Lillee. Ashwin has already taken strides to becoming one of the greatest Test match bowlers ever, statistics can come to our assistance. Even going purely by the numbers, the off-spinner appears to be leagues ahead of any contemporary bowler. With the game, India came from behind to win their last Test series in Sri Lanka 2-1, ending a 22-year Test drought on the island nation, and they are hot favourites to succeed this time around as well.