Ours is a generation of respecting each other’s opinions and being open to the changes in the world. To believe or not to believe in god, therefore, is a subjective issue and should not get one into a trouble.

The top court of Pakistan yesterday released a Christian woman who was earlier sentenced to death because of her disbelief in god or what we call blasphemy. This decision could’ve ignited a hell of a fire against the courts judgement, but still they took the right decision and it couldn’t have been any better. Asia Bibi was sentenced to death in 2010 by applying blasphemy charges

After chief justice Mian Saqib declared her not guilty in a packed courtroom, she was ordered to be kept in an undisclosed place for several reasons and will be leaving the country most probably. The incident that tracks back to the story of how Bibi was accused leads back to the year 2009, when she had gone to fetch water for her fellow farmworkers. At that time, some Muslim women denied to have the water from a Christian’s container and suddenly, a few days later, she was accused of blasphemy.

As Pakistan has a burning past of cases arised due to blasphemy and its rumors, this time the same happened. The news went so fast and she was sentenced to death. So much so, that a governor of the Punjab province was shot dead when he defended Asia Bibi and stated his opinion about the allegations on her and people have been worshiping the shrine of his assassin. Some of the political and religious groups were threatening to raise their voices and protest if Bibi was released. So many rallies were held, blocking the roads of Rawalpindi, the capital Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and everywhere else.

Police even urged the demonstrators to disperse peacefully from the place.

Bibi and her family supported her saying that she hasn’t disrespected or insulted their god prophet Muhammad even a single time. Also, there were certain contradictions in the testimonies of witnesses against Bibi, which clearly proved that the accusations, somewhere, were false.  Later, the right decision was taken and Bibi was not held captive anymore. Her husband and her children are very happy that she was proved to be innocent, and it is really very logical of Pakistan court to take a right decision in such a complicated case.