Luxury automobiles is all about the way it speaks to you as a driver of the car and tantalizes you senses, the feeling of power and speed as well as security and rich affluence. But it is not just the performance, it is also about what and how it communicates with the rest of the world and that is when one has to think about all the energy and efforts made to design each and everything that makes these cars so great, that makes these cars Aston Martins.

Have you ever thought about the kind of precision and work done to get that perfectly crafted mirror or the thunk doors or those exquisite headlights that can either flirt or threaten? And when it comes to a supercar with unearthly allure and supernatural performance, the answer should be the Aston Martin DB11. This supercar is beautiful and it is no news because ever since its debut in 2016, the $230,345 beauty-beast is worshipped as a masterpiece.

So you might want to take it in consideration that this four-wheeler which can even be compared to the car version of Michelangelo’s David, is the most (Capital-B with single quotes) ‘Beautiful’ 12-cylinder car in the market on this planet for now. And what is even sweeter is that the bold beauty is quite fairly priced when compared to other cars in the same class.

So why is it the most beautiful 12-cylinder car? Well, let’s see which of the most incredible beasts is the most beautiful among Ferrari’s 789-horsepower 812 Superfast and GTC4Lusso, the Rolls-Royce’s 624-hp Wraith or 563-hp Dawn, Lamborghini’s 740-hp Aventador, Bentley’s 633-hp Continental GT or the Aston Martin DB11.

All the cars, just like humans have different personalities on road; like the stylish and elegant Ferrari 812 flaunts like a supermodel and corners out being too elegant in front of the heavy body-builder-ish Bentley GT punches out too forward like a heavyweight boxing champion. The Rolls Wraith is handsome, confident yet lacks those curvaceous allure somewhere and the Lambo Aventador is all about geometric edges and way too furious for being called ‘beautiful’. Yet none of these are the most perfectly proportionate, muscular yet elegant and stylishly designed like the Aston Martin DB11.

The DB11 is not like the pretty supermodel who compromises her walking comfort for those sexy stilettos! Unlike some other cars in its segment, DB11 does not compromise the visibility and road clearance for looks! And the beauty is all goody when it comes to inner beauty, ahem, I mean the interiors. The interiors of Aston Martin DB11 are deluxe in true sense and are well thought.

And as for performance, well, this article is about ‘beauty’ so let’s keep it that way. But you must know that be it performance, be it beauty, precision and personality are flawlessly cohabitated which is probably every driver’s dream. After all, it is not just any car!