Globally chastised for blindfolding from ruthless violence at Rakhine state on Rohingya Muslims, Myanmar’s state counsellor – Aung San Suu Kyi finally broke her silence and claimed that Myanmar doesn’t ‘fear international scrutiny’ and is making efforts to restore peace and normalcy in the country. Where? In some whimsical parallel world, Ms Aung?

Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Myanmar’s National League for Democracy (NLD) was idolised across the world for her peaceful and persistent efforts against Burmese military’s dictatorship in their very own country. Her bold struggle for democracy in Myanmar has won her a series of international prestigious awards, including Noble Peace Prize, but her numbness towards barbarous ‘ethnical cleansing’ going on in her very country, under her leadership – has landed her into global criticism. Because, pro-democracy icons and Nobel Peace prize winners aren’t supposed to have hearts of stones and turn out to be, well, racist – when they come to power. And they are certainly not supposed to be de facto leaders of countries accused of brutal racism and ethnic cleansing – in this case, it’s the Rohingya crisis.

Since August 25th, targeted displacement and violence against the country’s Rohingya minority residing in Rakhine state of Myanmar, has killed thousands and forced 4,00,000 of them to flee out of their country, within less than a month. Their homes were burnt, their petite villages destroyed and people were ruthlessly killed – forcing one third of the minority community to leave their homes, mostly women and children. Amidst all this, the ‘messiah of peace’, their own very leader – Ms Aung decided to remain brazenly zipped up.

On Tuesday, she finally broke her silence over Rohingya crisis and said this, “We condemn all human rights violations. We are committed to peace and [the] rule of law. The security forces have been advised to adhere to [the] code of conduct; to exercise all measures to avoid collateral damage. We feel deeply for the suffering of all people who have been caught in the conflict.” So she deeply feels about lakhs of Rakhine victims, that’s generous, right? But what is more remarkable is that the speech was addressed in English, which implies it was meant for international consumption rather than a message to – what they call – ‘stateless’ Rohingya Muslims.

Aung also added this (don’t miss this one!), “Nevertheless, we are concerned to hear that numbers of Muslims are fleeing across the border to Bangladesh. We want to understand why this exodus is happening. We would like to talk to those who have fled as well as those who have stayed.”. She doesn’t know why they are fleeing? Did I miss a joke or something, here? And if these are the messengers of peace, well, then what do they call the messengers of war?