Being the hottest subject of talk in India – ongoing Sikkim standoff at Indo-Chinese border, it was an inevitable topic of discussion by Indian leaders with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, while she is on a bilateral tour to India.

It’s been a month to the escalated tension between India and China over the tri-junction border over the construction of a road in Bhutanese territory; which is almost like fighting for something which isn’t even ours. None of the two countries are ready to give up, so the tension at borders is boiling and aggravating the issue each day. Both, Delhi and Beijing are tensed about this and are strengthening relations with allies and international leaders. Amidst the massacre, Australian Foreign Minister arrived at Delhi for a bilateral visit and hence discussed over the issue of Sikkim standoff, apart from other trade and ties related discussions.

Bishop said that Australia is ‘worried’ over the possibility of escalation of tension between India and China, which may cause disturbance in the South Chinese Sea. Keeping that in mind, Bishop urged to both India and China for peacefully solving the Sikkim standoff issue. She also said that Australia didn’t want to see any tension which would result in ‘misjudgement’ and ‘miscalculation’ between both countries.

Presenting her concerns related to the South China Sea disputes, Bishop said that the land disputes must be solved peacefully and as per Australia, the maritime issues need a peaceful resolution but one based on rules laid out under the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea. This includes freedom of carrying out marine navigations for trade in the South China Sea which is a common interest for both Australia and India.