It is tough to break the conventions, but the budding female auto-rickshaw drivers from Gujarat have spread a wave of revolution, or rather a wave of pink by driving pink auto-rickshaws. The unusual idea was an inspiration from the Noida’s pink autowallis.

Women are now invading “male-centric” tasks, not leaving behind auto-rickshaw driving, five ladies are carrying passengers in their Pink Auto-rickshaws. Female rickshaw drivers, unusual much? Not that unusual in Shapar region of Rajkot district, Gujarat. The lady drivers in sarees drive pink coloured rickshaws, proudly breaking the man bastions away.

Sharda Solanki (52), Kanchan Makwana (38), Gauri Parmar (35), Parul Moda (23), and Rekha Jethwa (37) are the new female drivers and they call themselves the “Pink Autowallis”. There will be a special pink stand at Shapar and the pink auto service will run between Shapar and Rajkot spanning about 15kms.

These women are breaking the stereotypes and are inspiring other women to do their best to help their families grow without considering the so-called social barriers. Though it is not easy for them to stay in the male-dominant business and it would be a perfect world if they didn’t face any criticism and attempts to bring them down, but these women strive against the barriers and the system is supportive towards the awe-inspiring idea.