Bengaluru: The Karnataka Government on Tuesday forced a cap of Rs 200 on movie tickets in theatres and multiplexes over the state to Rs 200 excluding taxes.

The government now collects 33% as entertainment tax on movie tickets. The tax is applicable to films of all languages screened in Karnataka.

“A movie ticket for all films in theatres and multiplexes across the state will be priced at Rs 200 maximum,” said an order issued by Kannada Culture and Information Department Joint Secretary S.N. Jaysri. The order will come in place from Wednesday.

A supervisor at Cinepolis multiplex said, “The question of refunds doesn’t arise as multiplexes take online bookings only till Wednesday when rates are low in any case. The decision will result in high occupancy. The audience can now choose from any language since Kannada will not enjoy a ticket-price advantage. Only good films in Kannada will benefit. We expect most halls to be full henceforth.”

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) had submitted records of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala to the administration on how those legislatures had settled costs in multiplexes. The administration concentrated the Supreme Court order and the archives, utilised its optional power and settled Rs 200 as the most extreme cost in Karnataka.

There are 90 multiplex screens and 650 single screen theatres over the state. Exhibitors spend immense entireties and screen out-of-state movies in Karnataka. Around 275 outside state movies are screened in multiplexes a year, while Rs 2,000 crore income earned in ticket deals in Karnataka enters different states.