Football is not just a game, it is a religion and for three Indonesian players of Bali United FC team, football and religion came together beautifully. Without any words, the trio painted a pristine picture of religious diversity but strong harmony.

Three players of Bali United FC – Striker Miftahul Hamdi, forward Yabes Roni and defender Ngurah Nanak were pictured as they lined up in a row in prayer positions of three different faiths while celebrating a goal scored by Yabes. Ngurah who is a Hindu was pictured standing with his palms together raised to his forehead, the Christian forward Yabes who had just scored Bali United’s second goal against Borneo FC, kneeling on the grass with clasped hands and besides him was the Muslim striker Hamdi praying in prostate position. The photo says many words without a single word being uttered.

The picture canvased harmony in diversity and the fact that different religious beliefs will not stop them from achieving the same goal, they stand undivided. The photo shared by Bali United FC team went barmy-viral and has already been shared more than 12000 times and has attracted hundreds of comments applauding the team and the players. The photo has been appreciated so much because it has now become a symbol of what a more peaceful world would look like amidst Indonesia’s recent radical and religious tension.

Bali United FC won the match against Borneo FC by 3-0 and this was the celebration for second goal scored by Yabes Roni. The picture has somehow managed to show that Indonesia and world is actually united, thanks to football. This is why the game is loved so much all around the world by so many fans because it is not just a game, it is a religion which paints everyone with the same colour of unity and harmony.