The volcanic eruptions of Mount Agung of tourist-haven Bali has begun to calm down into a wispy plume of steam and while the vigilance still continues, the airline deadlock seems to be returning to near-normal schedules.

Tourists who were stuck in the Bali airports because of volcanic eruptions in Mount Agung, can get back to their homes as airlines are trying to resume their schedules to normalcy at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali, from Sunday. The volcanic eruptions had disrupted Bali’s lucrative tourism sector with a loss of about $665 within just a few days, but things are getting back to normal – at least for tourists. Although, the Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency has rolled out highest alert level of volcano, but most of Bali’s tourist area is now safe.

But it isn’t all back to normal yet, as 10 kilometres around Mount Agung’s crater is still under volcano directions and over 55,000 residents are still living under shelters. Tens of thousands of tourists are stranded in the exotic island as most international flights were cancelled in last three because of the threats caused by ash clouds. But as few airlines like the Airlines Jetstar and Virgin Australia said that they are resuming their services from today as the ash cloud shrank dramatically, it is a moment of sigh for the tourists stranded there.

The volcanic eruptions of Mount Agung last week had surely caused chaos among locals and tourists, but for some tourists, the natural disaster is an opportunity to snag a pretty photo. Social media was flooded with pictures of people posing with smoked volcanic eruption to make a breath taking background. Check these out:




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Here’s my personal favourite.


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Aren’t these beautiful! Guess it is scary but the view is still worth all the fear, and even the volcanic ash and magma spewed by the eruption does not seem to affect the photos spreading on social media.