Santa arrived early for the sick children at the US’ National Children Hospital in Washington DC, as former US President Barack Obama dropped by as Santa Claus and distributed joy and gifts among the children and families admitted in the hospital.

As Christmas is just around the corner, everyone is busy planning for Christmas and New Year, and so was Barack Obama as he was spotted wearing a Santa hat and carrying a big red bag filled with Christmas presents. Obama visited the children admitted to the Children’s National Hospital, located in northwest Washington DC and gifted them with love and gift boxes. The gift boxes contained jigsaw puzzles, remote-control cars, and nail paints and fun stuff for kids, but the bigger gift was the message of love and care from Obama.

Kurt Newman, Chief Executive and President of Children’s National Health System said, “At such a busy time of year when no one wants to be in the hospital, his natural warmth lifted the spirits of those kids, their parents and of each staff member he met along the way”. Obama’s surprise appearance as Santa, children in the hospital and their parents were surprised. After meeting and gifting the children, Obama then had a talk with some children and their parents and expressed support.

The National Children’s Hospital appreciated Obama’s efforts to make the Christmas special for the children at the hospital and their parent, and posted a tweet saying that they “will never forget this stand-in Santa”. Obama re-tweeted this video and thanked the hospital for humoring him as their “stand-in Santa”.