Facebook, the social media giant, is trying its hands on a new concept intended to let its users make friends with the extended community of people with similarities as expressed in their profiles on the social network. Facebook has named this feature as ‘things in common’ and right now it is in the testing stage among few users in the US for its implementation on the platform for all its users in near future.

Facebook is always on a lookout for innovation and implementation of new features which may help its users find the site to be more interesting and more useful for them. The new feature called ‘things in common’ is an attempt to enable Facebook users find people with commonalities like similar educational background, similar interests and similar groups to help them make friends with each other. While seeing the names of unknown users on the site, this feature will show the things that are in common with the member and other users using all the information that is made public on the profile of both the users. It is assumed that knowing things in common will help learn more about each other and establish new connections on the site.

This feature will take into account things which are common between any two users like common city, common Facebook groups, common college, common interests and all similar other things which have been made public by the users. It is believed that this feature will be especially effective while browsing public pages like any product page wherein a lot of users have posted their comments on different posts shown on the page. It will let users know more about other unknown users just by scrolling the mouse pointer over their names and establish new contacts with them.

One of the Facebook spokesperson was quoted telling the media that, “Knowing shared things in common helps people connect. We’re testing adding a ‘things in common’ label that will appear above comments from people who you’re not friends with but you might have something in common with.” At the same time, it is expected that this new feature will also enable evading fake accounts, and building new connection only among civil members on the platform. Anyway, this new feature is surely interesting and if implemented it will surely make surfing the platform a better experience for all its users globally.