After the violent during the processions on the event of Ram Navmi, West Bengal governor K N Tripathi has appealed for peace and requested the people of state to perform religious activities peacefully and resume normalcy.

On Monday, clashes broke out between two groups in West Bengal over a Ram Navami procession, killing one person and injuring two police officers. But soon after communal violence had erupted, heavy police force was deployed in  the Raniganj area of Bardhaman West district, a day after clashes broke out between two groups over a Ram Navami procession, killing one person and injuring two police officers, a district official said. With the police force, peace has been restored with additional police forces patrolling the area. Today, the situations have been taken in control and all areas are being monitored closely to avoid any further mess.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had directed the director general of police to instruct all superintendents of police to take strong action against those who carried arms in the rallies. In a bid to calm the violence on the occasion of Ram Navami, West Bengal Governor K N Tripathi, on Wednesday, rolled out a public appeal for peace and requested communities to perform religious activities peacefully. Tripathi said, “There should not be any riot or violence. And people should perform their religious practice peacefully.”

Besides this, State Labour Minister Moloy Ghatak, who rushed to Raniganj last evening, said Mahesh Mandal, a man in his mid-50s, was hacked to death during the clashes. Ghatak, however, assured the local people that the situation had been largely brought under control by the police. District Magistrate Shashanka Shetty said, “We have received reports that one person was killed in yesterday’s incident. Senior police officers, who are camping here in the aftermath of yesterday’s violence, are monitoring the situation very closely.”