Bengaluru: An implication to well-known dream arrangement Game of Thrones or an unpretentious burrow at an IPL group isn’t something one may anticipate from the men in khaki. Be that as it may, a progression of intriguing tweets and Facebook posts from the office — bound with amusingness, mockery and plays on words — have gotten the favour of netizens.

“If you’re wondering why your dealer did not reach you with your stash, this is probably why. Don’t worry, you can come to the police station and collect it,” read a tweet announcing the arrest of a drug dealer on Monday.

As the city reacts to the new type of online messages, two youths in pants and T-shirts are caught up with tweeting on the fifth floor of the police commissioner’s office. The team is a piece of the organisation entrusted with dealing with police’s social media accounts. Their points of interest have been withheld for security reasons. One of the posts additionally incorporates a Harry Potter reference.

“Uniformed policemen are no longer handling the accounts. Instead, a young team of social media operators is doing the job. The response to new tweets has been good. We are adding at least 1,000 followers on a daily basis,” said police commissioner Praveen Sood.

“Please ignore all calls claiming to be your bank, online shopping, lottery or even the King of Westeros. More than 80% of the cases registered with us are due to disclosure of OTP,” read the post. Several users responded in the same humourous vein. “When they ask you for your OTP, tell them you are Jon Snow,” said a user. “If mother of dragons is calling, I will ask her out for a date but won’t give my OTP,” posted another.

From ‘Don’t drink and drive’ to ‘don’t overspeed’ — we run over these statutory notices occasionally on the streets. Be that as it may, the Twitter page has thought of witty approaches to stand out enough to be noticed, and they beyond any doubt appear to be fruitful at it.

“Here is a Gambling tip: When you’re not sure if its Andar or Bahar, take our advice seriously. It’s always ‘ANDAR’ once we hear about you. Just like these 6 gentlemen.”

Plainly, organisation through social media is by all accounts turning into an innovator, with even External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu — among others, regularly taking to social media, decisively Twitter, with regards to connecting with individuals and tending to their issues.

Much the same as Swaraj and Prabhu, the Mumbai Police as well, is regularly commended and lauded for their auspicious help on social media. With Bengaluru Police now finding up in spite of being among the first to get on to social media, it appears there is an intelligent approach to in bettering our administration framework, and we aren’t griping!