During the three-day bilateral visit to Israel, PM Modi and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to have got along very well with frequent bear hugs, visit to beach and exchanging memorable gifts. Modi received an interesting historic photograph from Netanyahu which displayed Indian soldiers.

Netanyahu said that India and Israel are the ‘marriage made in heaven’, so they are ready for international political romance and hence gifts are mandatory so that those gifts will remind both (countries) of the good times together, despite being separated by thousands of miles. Grabbing the opportunity, Netanyahu gifted Modi a memorable historic gift during a private dinner hosted at Israeli PM’s residence Beit Aghion in Jerusalem along with his wife.


The gift is a photograph of Indian soldiers leading a British army column for liberating Jerusalem and the photograph is dated back on December 11, 1917. Ahead of this, Modi had gifted Netanyahu two sets of relics from Kerala which are supposed to be the key artefacts of long Jewish history in India. The relics are two copper plates which are believed to be inscribed in 9th and 10th century – the first plate is a cherished relic for the Cochin Jews in India and second plate is believed to be the earliest documentation of the history of Jewish trade with India.

The two leaders had great time and promised of having great time together as country in alliance, at least the gifts will remind them of the deal. Both nations have too much in common too, they have disputes with neighbours, have stood up from colonial rule and it is all made-for-each-other kind of aura for Indo-Israeli relationship.