How about a fantastic travel experience, within budget? Sounds like an oxymoron? Well, not really, it is all about researching, which I’ve done for you so that you can just enjoy your vacation, keeping the hole in your pocket as tiny as possible. Let’s check out handful of pocket-friendly travel destinations for 2018. Mind well, these may be some of those under-the-radar destinations, but who is even complaining!

Get your passport, check your bags and get going to beautiful place around the world. And you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands for that, just check out from these handpicked options.

  1. Argentina

Now this might not be a very popular travel destination for Indians, but it is the list for those who dare anyway. Argentina, a versatile country which has something for all kinds of people from across the world. From the wine-land in Mendoza to the Paris of South America – Buenos Aires and those peaks and valleys of Patagonia – Argentina has got it all. But here’s the best part: the country has lifted off VAT on hotels for international tourists, which means a major saving of 21% making the stays and food unbelievably affordable compared to the rest of America.

  1. Slovenia

Love Europe? Enjoy all the best of Europe at once because Slovenia is said to have the best of a lot of worlds. The hospitality of Italy, natural mountainous beauty of Austria, gourmet delicacies of Istria – without the price tags of typical European destinations. Some travel experts say that you can enjoy a stay at five-star hotel within the price of a three-star hotel! Outrageous, ain’t it? And since it is such a tiny country, every other place worth a visit is reachable within two hours – talk about time and money saving.

  1. Malaysia

Come on, it shouldn’t always have to be Thailand in South Asia! In fact, Malaysia is equally good and it has some of the best street food and night markets in the world. And, and, everything is dirt cheap, because accommodation in a three-star hotel starts from $15 dollars and you can eat amazing food, three full meals within $10 – easily lavishly. Isn’t that tempting enough, given the beauty of the country?

  1. Estonia

Some more Europe? Baltic castles, palaces and a mesmerising sea coastline awaits for you in this tiny little European country named Estonia. You’d be astonished how astonishing is Estonia after all, and you had no idea so far. Accommodation starts at about $40 per night for a three-star hotel and meals for one day will run visitors about $18 – that is cheap for Europe, alright? And there are free walking tours and most museums offer  free admission days throughout the year.

  1. Peru

This is a UNESCO Heritage cities hub, and it has made it to the budget list 2018! Food costs about $10 – three full meals, shuffles off through the whole day. And the fantastic 16th century convent turned five-star hotel options will make you feel the feeling of being in a Machu Picchu country.

  1. Mexico

An American continent country, right next to America – but essentially coloured quite in its own style – Mexico is a biddable gamble. Incredibly rich culture, bold traditions and the amazing, amazing food options and those cheesy friendly Mexicans make the country a hot pick for any tourist. I’d just visit Mexico just for the food they offer – it is pure love.

  1. Albania

A land border with Greece and it takes a ferry-ride from Italy, this Adriatic country is home to some of the most jaw-dropping places. Uncountable number of castles, coastlines and Albanian alps, it is a place with utter bliss but has remained mostly under-the-radar. Let me awe you with the prices, accommodation in a three-star hotel starts from $17 per night, hearty meals will set you back just a few dollars, and affordable public transportation options are readily available. Not everything amazing has to be expensive!

Go get packed. Happy holidays to you.