Indian Railways is all about reforms and upgrades, and following the trend of changes, boarding trains will feel like boarding airplanes as the Railways is now planning to add extra layers of security checks at the railway stations – just like the airport.

The idea is to introduce a highly-secure security plan using high-end technology on Indian railway stations and seal them in a way that entry is possible only after a rigorous check. The entire railway stations will be guarded with permanent boundary walls, others will be manned by RPF personnel and yet others will have collapsible gates. Each entrance would be equipped with security check-posts and anyone willing to enter will have to go through the security layers and various random security checks at each entry point.

This means that to board any train, people might have to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time to complete these security checks before boarding their trains. Railway Protection Force Director General Arun Kumar said that “a blueprint for implementing this arrangement at 202 more stations is ready” and a pilot security plan is already put into action at Allahabad railway station in Uttar Pradesh as well as the Hoobly railway station in Karnataka to test the new security layer.

The pilot plan will be tested by thousands of visitors who will arrive Allahabad for the Kumbh Mela which begins this month. And if successful, the technology will be implemented in 202 more stations whose blue prints are already ready. These steps are a part of a security plan under the Integrated Security System (ISS) which was approved in 2016 to strengthen surveillance mechanism at 202 railway stations. It will also scrutinise even before they enter the station premises to ease the pressure at stations during peak hours.