Customers who wish to pre-book the Reliance Jio Phone should pay just Rs 500 as a booking amount while the rest Rs 1,000 must be paid at the time of delivery in September.

JioPhone will be given against a payment of a completely refundable deposit of Rs 1500 for a long time. Customers can pre-book JioPhone for Rs 500 and the adjust Rs 1000 can be paid at the time of delivery.

One can pre-book the JioPhone through offline channels. The offline mode contains Jio retailers and multi-brand gadget retailers including the Reliance Digital stores network. The phone can likewise be purchased through the official Jio website.

The aggregate sum will be discounted following 36 months when the customer returns the phone.

Ambani had reported that voice calling for customers of the “viable free” Jio Phone would be constantly free and they would get unlimited data for a month against payment of Rs 153. The future of Ambani i.e. Akash Ambani & Isha Ambani unveiled the JioPhone at its launch event, months ago.

With an expect to charm 50 crore low-income users to his 10-month old Jio is offering services that incorporate deep rooted free voice calls with shabby data. Reliance Jio overwhelmed the telecom sector after its launch in September 2016. The problematic offers with free voice calls and data constrained other adversary telcos to cut their rates to hold customers. The feature phone will begin for Rs 500 across the nation over Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd’s retail stores separated from the website and My Jio.

Visit the MyJio application or the Reliance Jio website to register. The website will ask your name, email ID, phone number, and pin code for the registration. For offline bookings, visit the closest Reliance Digital store or Jio retailers.