Messaging apps are ruling the Google Play Store and Apple App Store lists, and jumping in the pool of thousands of messaging apps, Amazon is allegedly working on the development and launch of its own Anytime app, which is likely to pit against big players like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Amazon, the online market king is spreading its wings beyond e-commerce, and here is the latest added sector – the online messaging application for smartphones. Almost everyone around the whole world use online messaging apps which has revolutionised the way we communicate, it is a lot cheaper, it is faster, it is unlimited, it is available 24×7 for 365 days as long as you have access to internet, it is a lot easier and it is boundary-less. The world just got a hell lot closer after invention of these smartphone messenger apps, especially the beloved Whatsapp or the Facebook Messenger; they have now rooted into our lives so much that it has turned into an addiction, and we don’t even have any ‘nicotine patches’ to get rid of the addiction.

With a massive global market of over 4 billion internet users, there is always room for newer and better messaging applications. Considering this, Amazon has decided to jump in and smear up the market by developing its own stantalone messaging application which is dubbed as Anytime. The retail giant has already started reviewing and surveying customers about their new application, to gauge a feature-rich and user-friendly messenger, with which Amazon can dig its heels up in the new sector.

The details of what Anytime would be like have not been specified by Amazon, but looking at the trend, it will surely be focusing on text messages as well as, voice and video calls, sharing of documents as well as media files. And who knows it might even have the facility to play music, games and even order goods and food – like the hybrid baby of Whatsapp and Amazon. It must also have the GIFs to choose from, like Giphy, because it is just so much fun. Amazon has called it an ‘all-in-one’ feature rich application, so the expectations are obviously sky high and we anticipate for more details about Anytime.