The Indian Army has extended a proposal of deploying a troop of, not army men but 544 robots to counteract terror situations in Jammu and Kashmir!

The Indian army personnel are already efficient all by themselves, but rising number of terror attacks and interventions at the Valley is distressing security of the sensitive Indian state. Being an extremely biodiverse nation, the extreme conditions at Kashmir – be it the harsh weather, huge mountain terrains and especially dense forests where the militants tend to hide, maintaining security becomes a tough challenge.  To improve safety and effectiveness of the armed forces, and hence the safety of Indian civilian citizens, the Defence Ministry has decided to grab some help from – robots!

Delivering arms and amenities to remote military camps, providing surveillance and real time information of locations with geographical extremities or major risks and reporting movements of militants – all this will now be possible without risking the lives of our jawans, as 544 robots are to be deployed in Jammu and Kashmir. To serve army’s requirements in Kashmir, the robots will be equipped with cameras and transmission systems to deliver real time data – remotely. With proper cameras, these bots will be able to pick up inputs from within the range of 200 metres and pass it on to the remote monitoring camps.

Army stressed out the need to grant the permission of deploying robotic machines, considering the continuously evolving tension in Kashmir, and these bots will especially be useful to the Rashtriya Rifles (RR) troops. When used in double layer, these robots will provide extensive information to make the military aware of any suspicious movements in the terrains. Combined with a remotely operated explosive device called Daksh, which can be operated within range of 500 metres with as much as 20kg of load, it will make an efficient remotely controlled defence system – without having to put out our men at risk.