The state-owned telecommunication company BSNL is finally moving forward to rollout 4G LTE services with a pilot-launch in Kerala circle from January, 2018 – a new beginning to compete with private telco companies who are already testing out 5G technology adaptions.

With 10 Crore active mobile users, the state-owned BSNL’s service was limited just to 3G so far, but it is probably high time to upgrade their services since most telecom companies in India providing efficient 4G service – at a much lower cost, thanks to all the competition. So far, BSNL has been providing just 2G and 3G services, as well as WiFi services to about 16,000 hotspots. But not wanting to miss out the 4G trend that most private operators have already introduced since long, BSNL is now set to launch 4G LTE service and Kerala would be the first state where BSNL 4G will be introduced.

The service will begin from January 2018 in Kerala and next state in line will be Odisha. BSNL is already looking out to buy 2100 MHz band for all circles across India – except Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, BSNL is looking out to buy spectrum in the 800 MHz band. And buying all these 4G spectrums will cost the company about Rs 9,600 crore – half of which will be paid via equity shares if allowed and the other half will be paid from business revenues. Introduction of 4G will cost huge amounts, also, since the telecommunication market is already budging buttons with competitive players like Jio, Airtel and Vodafone – BSNL will require to come up with services and plans that have enough potential to even stand against the private operators’ efforts.

But before spreading 4G across India, BSNL has a bigger task with higher priority – to improvise the areas where even 3G service is still poor and sluggish. So BSNL will also be focusing on areas where 3G coverage is low, while developing base for the high-speed 4G. The government might as well be considering to merge BSNL and MTNL so that a tough competition can be given to private operators. With this mega-project, which is kind of late for launch, but still, it is expected to give BSNL users high-speed data experience and who knows, the competitive prices could even gain new customers.