Under the “Make In India” project running successfully all over India, the Indian Railways is planning to build the superfast bullet train coaches in India instead of importing them from Japan.

The Indian Railways is prepping for construction of India’s first bullet train service will be running between two megacities, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, in compliance with Japan. As the part of the development project, the bullet train coaches were to be imported from Japan at a high cost. However, the state-owned transportation is planning to offer one of its inventories to manufacturing the bullet train coaches locally.

To get the perfect design, the Indian Railways might assigned the designing task to a Japanese Company which will help in manufacture of the coaches in India. The Japanese company could be MCF, which has robotic production lines and can be ideal for bullet train coaches. A railway official said, “We will have to transfer the technology from one of the companies (manufacturing such coaches in Japan).”

Currently, MCF has been set-up to produce the state-of-the-art coaches for the operation speed of 160-200 kmph with an annual capacity of nearly 1000 coaches. This capacity will be further enhanced by the next 1-2 years, which will be capable of producing around 2000 coaches annually. While cost of manufacturing these bullet train coaches has not been decided yet, it will certainly be lower than importing them from Japan and will create more jobs and income in India.