Dubai’s iconic attraction, the lanky Burj Khalifa welcomes New Year in swanky-style with magnificent show of fireworks, but this year, the Khalifa will replace smoky fireworks with laser show to light up the skies of Dubai with a choreographed laser and light show – Light Up 2018.

Every year on New Year’s Eve, Downtown Dubai’s most iconic building serves people from across the world with an other-worldly experience with firework show exactly at midnight. But 2018 will be welcome in techno-style with the paparazzi of laser and light show, which probably has never been attempted before. The show is called ‘Light Up 2018’, and it will see the skies above the city lit up in a choreographed laser and light show. As per statement of the event spokesperson, “The façade of Downtown Dubai’s iconic buildings [including Burj Khalifa] will serve as the canvas for the spectacular show that is set to a specially choreographed music.” To understand this better, a promotional video on Burj Khalifa’s social media handle provides the insights of what the light show will be like.

To set up the ‘Light Up 2018’ show, more than 300 experts, including over 100 rope access professionals, have been on site for nearly five months designing and installing the diverse aspects of the spectacle. 7.7km of power cabling and over 25.3km of rope used for rigging the various elements have been used to make the show a never-before witnessed affair. Oh and the music is by more than 80 musicians from the UAE and laser lights have been choreographed by the UAE’s Dhabiwood Studios. All this used up over 5,000 man hours, which is the same amount of time spent in preparation of the famous 2014 NYE Palm Jumeirah fireworks – so you can imagine how grandiose the light show will be.

The celebration will begin from 5 pm on 31st December, 2017 with The Dubai Fountain shows and live DJ, the laser show will begin exactly when the midnight bell hits and will continue till 1 am of 1st January, 2018. If you want to pick up perfect vantage point to enjoy the Light Up 2018 show, well, first get a ticket to Dubai already; and then you can pick from – Al Khail Road, Taj Dubai rooftops in Business Bay or pick from the special decks installed at Burj Park and at some spots in Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard. And if you are not really a goer, then just watch it from home because the entire event will be broadcasted live on TV as well as on Burj Khalifa’s social media accounts. Go ahead, watch the lit skylines.