With new year knocking the door, most common new year resolution is possibly getting fitter, losing those extra kilograms and adapting to a healthy lifestyle. So to spine these fit resolutions, let’s bust away some common nutrition and health myths before the new year bell rings.

We are currently living in a very ironic era for health and fitness; everyone wants to be healthy, but what we eat most of the times is nothing close to ‘healthy’ food. Adding to this, our desk jobs and sluggish lifestyle where most of the things are controlled remotely. We don’t want to get up to switch a fan on but we would wish and try to go take a sprint at the joggers’ park in morning. Many health and fitness experts say that when it comes to losing weight or getting fitter, it is 80% dependent on what and how we eat, and just 20% for workout. So rather than treating our stomachs as trash bags by stuffing in anything and everything, trying to consume healthy nutritious food will certainly make a difference.

Given that a lot of people want to eat healthy these days, healthy food is so in, but some myths need to be busted. And what better time can it be than on the last day of a year, so that we can kick start a fresh beginning towards healthy lives. Here are the myths:

  1. Sugar is bad for you

This is the most, most common one. If there is this one thing that is always blamed and is absolutely bad for anyone’s health, then it got to be sugar. Well, that is what most people think. But here’s the truth- Not all sugar is bad. The kind of sugar that is really harmful is the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) that comes in your colas, sweetened cereals and other packaged, processed foods. But sugar in fruits, honey and naturally sweet items like dates is actually good for a balanced diet. Don’t just blame sugar right away!

  1. Cut the carbs for weight loss

Carbs, just like sugar is commonly vilified, especially for weight loss regimes. But it is more of an oversimplification of sorts. The truth is, the only carbs we need to cut out and avoid are the processed ones found in processed food. Carbs found in regular homemade food like roti, thepla, dosa are good – in fact, it is very vital for our bodies to work and function properly.

  1. Eating clean

Eating clean may be eating raw, eating vegan, eating carb-free, eating sugar-free, eating protein-rich or eating organic; they all are really contradictory to each other and nobody knows what actually is eating clean like. So just loosen up and keep it simple by sticking to the basics – eat less of packaged food, more from home and keep it simple and real. That is eating clean.

  1. Superfood are exotic, rare and expensive

No! They so aren’t. Pick anything that is local, seasonal and fresh – that is superfood. Because locally grown food is nature’s way of ensuring that you get nurtured as per climate and requirements in your locality.

  1. Avoid fats

Eat fat and gain fat? Right? No, not right. Healthy mono-saturated fats found in nuts, olives, avocados, etc are good and needed for body. The ones that need to be avoided are trans fats found in hydrogenated vegetable oils, packaged foods like muffins, chips etc is the fat that one should avoid.

So those are few basic myths that were much-needed to be busted, stay heathy. Happy healthy new year in advance.