Calvin Klein’s new dual-gender collection came up with an innovative display of artistry which reflected references of horror films in fashion – as tough as it sounds, the theme may be an American nightmare, but it was one dream of a fashion show.

You know the time when you are allotted such a tough gig, well, imagine designing luxury fashion which would theme into a horror nightmare. Most designers would quail at the thought of it, I mean florals and geometrics and nature and neon pops are a go-go but who wants to go-go with bloodied references from horror films to design fashion! Raf Simons – the new chief creative officer of Calvin Klein, perhaps. And he didn’t just accept the mantle, he made a nightmare show into a dream that looked at its best.

Right from the décor of venue – whose ceiling were adored with pom-poms in yellows, reds and blues with axes hanging from them and their blades hovering over the front row’s heads; to the dresses with Sterling-Ruby-inspired fringe strings tossed over shoulders for the bloodied glam look – everything was epidemically creative. It was a perfect and rather a beautiful combination of American horror and American beauty – you know how we all love the Beauty and the Beast? Well, not exactly like that, but you get the drill, right.

With references to horror films which came thick and fast on catwalk through blood-splattered white leather bags and silk off-the-shoulder dresses covered in recurring red splodges, and white high-heeled shoes punctuated with little round holes that looked a lot like Jason’s hockey mask from Friday the 13th. Others included imagery effects with pictures from Simons’ Death and Disaster series, as well as a portrait of Dennis Hopper, star of the ultimate road movie gone wrong, Easy Rider, that were all deployed as prints on jeans and vests. Many of the models held bags inspired by cheerleader pom-poms, which became bigger and bigger until they consumed the models entirely, becoming full-length pom-pom dresses with red tentacles that swept along the floor – how chilling! The entire show was a display of how creative some of us in this world are!