In the time when petrol prices have touched Rs 90 per litre mark to claim the highest of all times, yoga guru and founder of Patanjali – Baba Ramdev said that he could sell petrol and diesel at as low as Rs 35-40 per litre, if he is allowed by the government.

Jibing at the government’s inability to control the skyrocketing fuel prices, yoga guru Baba Ramdev believes that the can sell petrol and diesel at Rs 35-40 per litre – that is more than half the price of existing market rates of fuel across India. The founder of Patanjali Ayurveda said that the petrol and diesel prices are not supposed to be as high as they are the government can control price hikes if it wants to by cutting down and relaxing the heavy fuel taxes and duties implemented currently – to give relief to the common man of India.

Suggesting the government to remove fuel from 28% tax slab and putting it down to the lowest tax slab, Ramdev said that selling fuel at Rs 35-40 is not unachievable. Furthermore, known for being a “BJP supporter”, Ramdev lauded many policies of the government but subtly added a warning to the NDA government that uncontrolled rising prices “can cost it dearly” to the government as he said ‘mehngai ki aag to Modi Sarkar ko bahut mehngi padegi (the rising prices will prove costly for the Modi government)”. When asked about election campaigning for BJP, he denied while saying that he has withdrawn from politics and is “with all the parties as an independent individual”.

While Ramdev’s version of fuel price system might be beneficial for the people of India, it can be no more than a pipe dream for the government to achieve. Because it is not possible for the government to let go fuel tax completely – since it is the second largest source of income for the nation. Also, 80% of crude oil is imported, which adds up extra cost and taxes to the raw material of the fuel. However, the tax can be eased up from being more than 100% to somewhat reasonable for the country.