Canada just became the second country to legalised sale and buying of recreational marijuana or cannabis or weed or pot – after Uruguay and has also became the largest legal cannabis marketplace in the world.

Medicinal marijuana was already legal in Canada since 2001, but the Justin Trudeau government had been working on expanding the legality to recreational use of pot. After two years of efforts, the Canadian government has announced the Cannabis Act that legalises buying and sale of marijuana for recreational use – effective from today, October 17, 2018. With this, Canada has become the second country after Uruguay with legal cannabis trading, and with a population nearly 40 million, it has become the largest legal marketplace in the world.

While the legal-cannabis threshold is good news for a lot of pot aficionados, it is a bliss for all convicted for possessing more than 30 grams of weed – as they will now be pardoned by the government under the new Act. The legalisation was welcomed by activists the sale of the legal drug has already started as shops in Newfoundland opened up at 12 am mark to sell the country’s first legal cannabis and crowd of 50-100 people stood in lines to buy it. Newfoundland is one of the stores, but about 111 stores might soon open up across Canada, selling pot to all.

But why did the country legalise usage of cannabis? Justin believes that the legalisation of cannabis “will help keep the money out of the pockets of organised crime.” Also, few changes that were missing in the previous edition have been made in the prohibition rules too – that includes protecting kid and keeping the money out of the pockets of organised crime.