Hundreds of doctors and medical professionals in Canada’s Quebec region are protesting because they are getting paid way too much and are demanding to decrease their salaries (Note: This is surely not a joke or a sarcastic post, believe me, these doctors actually want their salaries to be lowered. Yeah, such people exist.)

On Wednesday, over 700 doctors, physicians, medical professionals and students flocked up on roads in order to protest against their “high payscale” and demanding to lower their salaries in Quebec, a Canadian province. These medics had even gathered up and signed a petition asking for their pay hikes to be cancelled and the money be redistributed throughout Quebec’s healthcare system. As per these medical protestors from Quebec, they were already taking a fat pay cheque and it was hiked even more after a recent salary raise. Whereas, other medical professionals and their colleagues like nurses and clerks are poorly paid – causing a major imbalance in the salary structure of Canada’s medical sector.

The protesting doctors said that they believe in stronger public system, oppose the recent salary hike that has been negotiated by the government officials – and instead directing that amount to be circulated in Quebec’s healthcare system. The protesting groups also expressed that their conscience them from accepting a pay hike when working conditions continued to be difficult for others in their profession and patients “live with the lack of access to required services because of drastic cuts in recent years.” This revolutionary and unlikely move is in the wake of a viral Facebook post by a Quebec nurse named Emilie Ricard who shared her story with a teary-eyed photo of hers after a killing night shift.

Since Ricard’s post went viral and was shared more than 55,000 times, a number of nurse unions of Quebec had protested against the poor conditions of nursing professionals and the burdening demands of extended night duty hours – especially after the medical reforms conducted in Canada. Taking actions on the issue, the Médecins Québécois Pour le Régime (MQRP) signed a petition opposing the recent salary hike for doctors as the only thing immune to healthcare system cuts are salaries received by the doctors. So people actually do this, for their colleagues. People who feel they are being overpaid and others are unfairly paid – so they protest to lower their salaries – these people exist. Doesn’t this make the world a little more humane and a little more liveable? It is not even a question.