Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit India tomorrow, on February 17 and the week-long four-city trip will reinforce and underline relations between the two countries and people-to-people trade.

For an international leader, spending an entire week in another country is undoubtedly an indicator of interest and importance of strengthening in bilateral ties and relationship between the two nations. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau will land in Delhi tomorrow, ready for a week-long trip to multiple cities in India. With stops in Agra, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, as well as New Delhi, it will be a rare session from the Canadian leader in India. During the stopover at Amritsar, Trudeau will visit the famous Golden Temple, which is no surprise as a sizeable number of Indians in Canada belong to the Sikh diaspora – who actively supported Trudeau during elections.

Elected in 2015, Trudeau has four Sikhs in his Cabinet and he proudly quips about it by saying, “I have more Sikhs in my Cabinet than (Narendra) Modi does”. Currently, nearly 4% of Canadians claim Indian decent with 40,000 Indians migrating to Canada last year. With 124,000 Indian students studying in Canada, they make the country’s second-largest group of foreign students. And tourism, of course, with daily non-stop flights from India to Canada, more than 210,000 Indians visiting Canada last year. So a week-long trip is well deserved Canadian attention for India.

The Trudeau visit beginning 17 February, therefore, assumes all the more significance, being his first visit to India since becoming prime minister. Both sides will be looking to deepen and broaden ties. They have already announced their intention to do so in the areas of trade, investment, infrastructure, energy and higher education, etc, during the visit. Also, this will be a remarkable trip as no Canadian prime minister has visited the country since former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s six-day tour in 2012.