Cancer and defining its cure have been one of the most important and difficult thing in the history of medical science. The fight is constant and medicine won’t ever give up on it.

However, there’s no accurate cure, treatment or medicine invented for curing cancer, but the constant advancements in healthcare and medicine make sure that the betterment of a patient takes him more and more near to a normal life. While doctors are still struggling with the idea of a feasible solution of cancer, a group of Israeli scientists have claimed to find the cure of cancer within a year or so. Curing cancer from root means eliminating all the possibilities of even the relapse of the disease and that is a tough assurance to give. Still, as they’ve claimed, the studies conducted on mice by these Israeli scientists are showing promising signs to find out a cure for cancer by the coming year.

The idea is to formulate a kind of antibiotic, called MuTaTo which is also a type of treatment, that uses the target peptides of cancer. It might also interfere with the  signalling of molecules between cancer cells. MuTaTo treatment is being tested upon cancerous cells and tissues of mice and is showing good results according to the scientists. Talking about the benefits of this treatment, they’ve told that there will be minimal side effects as compared to the other cancer treatments and the treatment will also be cheap as compared to other techniques. All of this information was give by Evolution Biotechnologies CEO Dr Ilan Morad.

However, there is much testing to be done as the treatment has only been tested upon mice. It may or may not work for humans but a trial is definitely needed to solve a problem and it will be a blessing to the cancer patients if MuTaTo really works.