With a mega blockbuster box office collection grossing to $455 million worldwide for the opening weekend, Captain Marvel just became the sixth largest debut of all-time. And it took a female superhero to break the myths and prove that online trolls can safely be ignored.

Even before the release, netizens were deluged with online trolls in form of thousands of negatively sexist, racist and offensive comments about Disney’s Captain Marvel and the lead actress – Brie Larson. The reviews coming from people pushed to an extent that they asserted that Larson apparently didn’t want “white men” to watch the film – which pushed review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to temporarily shut down people from posting reviews before the release of film.

But not even the aggressive online abuse could tamper the hype of Captain Marvel and the film soared to new heights and uncharted territory at the box office in its opening weekend – to become the sixth largest debut ever, worldwide with a global gross of $455 million. To put that into clearer perspective, Captain Marvel also became the second largest for a Marvel film after Avengers: Infinity War; and eclipsing the opening weekend revenues of other Marvel debuts like Doctor Strange, Ant Man and even the ultra-successful Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

To sum it up, it took a female superhero to prove that online trolls can usually be easily ignored; and the film also breaks the myths surrounding female lead roles in superhero action films. And if any of the masculine Marvel fan-base still feels the film to be more about “feminism”, well, it is not just young women turning up to ticket booths. In fact, 55% of audiences accounted male viewers – and 75% of them were aged over 25. And the film out-beats Wonder Woman, which was the move that smeared all the prejudices about female heroes – and that should be an enough reason for any true Marvel fan to not care about who is in the suit, and rather focus on the essence of the film.