The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) received complaints against GST Commissioner Kanpur Sansar Chand and his subsidiaries from talking about and demanding bribery and today, the CBI arrested the accused GST Commissioner along with 8 of his subsidiary officers.

In recent developments regarding the government’s newly implemented Goods and Service Tax (GST) workforce, the CBI received complaints of bribery for GST Commissioner Sansar Chand and some other GST officers working under him. On Saturday morning, the CBI received an FIR that was registered against Sansar’s wife and on further investigation, CBI found that officer Sansar Chand, some superintendents, his personal staff along with some private persons allegedly took bribe from individuals and businessmen. Upon confirmation, the CBI spontaneously took actions and arrested the accused GST Commissioner Sansar Chand, other Supritendent of GST, Kanpur and 5 other accused – a total of 9 officers.

As per reports from CBI, these GST officers were allegedly taking bribe from firms as a “protection money for omission of action by the department”. The money was then transferred eventually and systematically through hawala channels to Delhi, which then periodically paid to the officers involved in bribery case. Sansar, who was appointed as the Commissioner of GST and Central Excise, was the lead of the systematically organised collection of illegal gratification lieu in connections to all matters pertaining under his jurisdiction – along with many other officers under him. The external connections and contacts were made by the GST officials through a middleman named Awasthi and then extortion of illegal gratifications was made.

The CBI has immediately arrested all accused under section 120 (b) of Indian Penal Code and section 7, 11, 12 of PC Act and further investigations will be made soon to unearth every bit connected to the bribery scandal. The firm and immediate actions taken by CBI stands alongside Indian Constitution’s bylaws that favours justified and equal behaviour for all – regardless of their religion, identity, power or position. Cutting off bribery from the root level is the key towards ending corruption and India, a whole better nation with potential stronger than any other country.