The Ministry of Human Resources has made certain announcements regarding the reforms in the process of CBSE affiliation. While addressing the media at Shashtri Bhavan, he declared the major changes made in the system.

One of the most noticeable changes is that entire process is made online to ensure 100% transparency. Prakash Javadekar, while addressing the media at a conference said that, the board has been receiving around 2000 applications for affiliation to CBSE every year. The procedure involved a state level as well as the CBSE inspection, which is now stopped. The new protocol involves getting an NOC inspection done at the district level by the district education officer which will then lead to further inspections regarding learning outcomes.

Now that the inspection process is changed, there will be lesser possibilities of duplication at the state and central level and the process will be less tedious as only academic parameters will be considered in inspection. Considering the number of pending requests for affiliation, the process was made online. Out of the 8000 requests that were pending, 2000 were granted. The grant for affiliation is provided only on the basis of merit, after seeking the schools to give an account of all the vital matters. E.g. a school must have made sports mandatory, compulsory fee disclosure should be made, no hidden expenses/fees should be asked for, no particular shop should be suggested by the school to buy uniforms and books, and other such rules.

Prakash has also emphasized on punishments and accountability of students, saying that parents must also involve themselves is such matters. The new reforms, according to him, will definitely promote transparency and bring about a positive change in the board. Talking about the lack of teachers in the school, Javadekar said that the problem is improper deployment of teachers in the system, which will be worked upon.