The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) gets in spooky mood this Halloween and has released a special compilation of elusive sounds of howling planets, plasma growls and deep space sounds.

While the spooky festival is nearing, NASA too jumped in the mood and released a compilation of super cool and scary celestial sounds. Even though we know that none of these are from aliens, but still those noises are noisy as.. well. From cacophonic plasma waves to the whispers of Jupiter’s moon and eerie radio emissions from Saturn – the playlist is a mix of space sounds that are weird, beautiful and a little unpleasant at times. A perfect way to celebrate celestial Halloween.

Now to make it clear, these sounds are not actually captured by audio recorders – instead, it is the output of radio wave readings captured by various space probes and instruments into audio sounds waves. So in case if you are hanging around on Jupiter or in the Ganymede’s orbit, this is not what you would hear. The space agency has released its ‘Spooky Sounds from Across the Solar System’ playlist ahead of Halloween. It is basically a compilation of 22 snippets of ‘space sounds,’ revealing a stunning new perspective on the planets and other mysterious objects in our solar system.

So judging from the playlist, the creepiest planet in our Solar System appears to be the gas giant Jupiter and its numerous gigantic moons. For example, some haunting screeching and roaring was produced when Juno crossed into Jupiter’s formidable magnetic field – the protective shield that screens the planet from the blasting winds of our home star. And boy, did that sound scary! Okay, okay we know that these are just some awesome output of scientific data, but Jupiter still seems haunted – I mean, just listen to those unnerving whispers coming out of its own magnetosphere! Even our own planet’s magnetosphere has a pretty intense noise output – yet, nothing beats those from Jupiter. The NASA playlist can be used as a marvel to wonder about the mysteries of cosmic universe, but it will also blast out the ambience of your living room this Halloween – like whoosh!