#MeToo has taken the nation by a storm and the movement is encouraging women get over fear and open up about what they went through be it sexual harassment or misbehaviour, usually by men in power.  As #MeToo gained momentum, the government has stepped up to support the campaign and decided to set up a committee to look into the problems for better resolution.

The Centre, in the support of this campaign, has set up an entire committee to solve all such issues of molestation, rapes, and other forms of sexual harassment. Union Minister Rajnath Singh is to lead this committee established by the union. In the wake of recent revelations about men in power caught guilty of inhumane sexual assaults to innocent women, many ladies found their voice to protest, whereas many predators lost their jobs. One of them was Mr MJ Akbar, the former minister of state for external affairs and former editor at Asian Age. Considering too many cases of sexual harassment at the workplace, the centre has finally decided to be active and take steps against this.

A group of ministers, this Wednesday formulated a committee under the leadership of Mr Rajnath Singh and a time period of three months was allotted to them to tackle this issue. Other ministers in the group include, road Transport minister Nitin Gadkari, Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Women and Child Development (WCD) minister Maneka Gandhi. As one of the ministers said, “The GoM will now be required, within the next three months, to examine various provisions for the safety of women and recommend further measures required to strengthen and make them more effective.”

Apart from this, an electronic complaints box has been set up to receive the complains of whosoever has been a victim of sexual harassment at workplace. This box is called ‘SHe-Box’, and it enables the complain to reach directly to the authority without any mediators and enable to begin the proceedings regarding the matter. Not only this, there will be a regular monitoring of what actions are taken on the complaints. These steps government has been taking to tackle the issues of sexual harassment and help the women feel safer at their workplace, are truly commendable and just.