Notch is founded by Apple in its recent high-end smartphone iPhone X. Gradually, it became the trend for every other smartphone vendor to have the notch which divides upper part of smartphone’s screen, don’t posses strong logic.

OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei has given the reason why notch is placed in its upcoming flagship OnePlus 6 which may be released anytime soon. So, the logic behind the notch is to make the most out of every smartphone in terms of its screen and ratio to device. He also added that in advancements in manufacturing technology, notch is the trend that makes smartphone more handy & robust. OnePlus says that the components in its upcoming device no longer need to take up the entire space of the top bezel and so the company decided to give more screen area to users by moving them into a notch.

But, there can be some twist when applying notch to screens which disturbs sensors, camera, LED Notifications, etc. However, according to Pete Lau, these things are manageable and comfortable without eliminating anyone from the above. Lau continues, “It’s easy to get caught up in a debate on aesthetics, but to us, this decision was simply about pursuing optimal phone design. Being able to offer more screen without compromising on size or performance is a great benefit. That said, we wanted to offer the biggest display possible without compromising on hardware, which is why we opted for the notch design.”

But, OnePlus is very optimistic about its idea of notch in OnePlus 6 as it has considerable amount of space by maximising the viewable area and the notch is said to be the best by taking 19.616mm x 7.687mm of space on top. Status icons and notifications will not be disturbed or cut half as promised by Lau. He believes that the notch makes optimum use of the screen’s area by giving users more screen to visualize the great display (maybe OLED+) and no notifications or icons placed there and it is left unutilized.