With increasing ratio of deforestation and chopping up of trees and escalating global warming problem, many environmentalists have awakened and are trying vivify the Earth in many ways. One of the most mainstream and effective way is conducting tree plantation drives. Greenwish Foundation of Chennai is conducting a major tree plantation drive through which they members will be planting 80 lakh trees across the city.

Chennai is a metropolitan city and the rising carbon footprint in large cities is a major environmental concern. To overcome the carbon footprints in the city, Greenwish Foundation is conducting a green drive with plantation of 80 lakh Beema Bamboo saplings throughout the city. Their aim is to make Chennai carbon neutral metropolitan by 2020.A particular species, Beema Bamboo is chosen because of its wide benefits. These bamboo saplings grow very fast, have high biomass value and help in controlling soil erosion which is a very practical approach for solving the carbon dioxide levels in air. The Beema bamboo takes only two years to grow and they last for approximately five years. These bamboos require comparatively less water and almost negligible maintenance which makes them perfect for plantation on such a large scale.

N Bharti, the Advisory member of Bamboo Development council says, “Beema bamboo is a wonder plant as it takes only 24 months to grow. The tree can give out more than 280kg of oxygen every year, and in a span of five years, it can absorb around 500kg of carbon dioxide”. With 280kg of oxygen from each tree, with 80 lakh trees the total oxygen released will sum up to more 2.24 billion kilograms of oxygen and 4 billion kilogram of carbon dioxide will be absorbed! That will bring outstanding environmental improvements.

Greenwish team has 15 division heads for 200 wards across the city and amazingly enough, the brand ambassadors of the foundation are seven-year-old Naisha Rajan, founder of Eradicate Hunger, and five-year-old Sai Vishruth, the initiator of #gogreen. A mobile application called ‘Green Kalam’ to ensure that each tree gets a unique id and will be tracked for its growth till 2020. This is a major project and will receive support from Chennai Corporation, Pollution Control Board and the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. All of them working with a common moto of bringing back the good-old Singara Chennai with lush green trees.