The chief justice of Uttarakhand high court, Justice K.M. Joseph has been elevated to the post after the apex court board’s meeting conducted before some seven months aimed at recommendations for appointment of SC judges.

Along with Joseph, Central government has also elevated certain other Chief Justice fellows to the supreme court, namely Indira Banerjee of Madras, Vineet Saran of Odisha and several others. Now, the official arrangements and procedures for the elevation of their posts will be carried out as soon as possible. This decision was being thought upon since the cessation of Chief collegium meeting arranged in January at the court. Joseph and Indu Malhotra were the recommended officials for their promotion to the SC. Former senior counsel Indu has already become a judge at the SC since April 2018, whereas K.M. Joseph’s name was being thought upon.

Uttarakhand state officials had been slight disappointed due to the return of Justice Joseph’s recommendation as an SC judge whereas Indu Malhotra was getting an elevation in April.The government had presented one of the reasons for not appointing Joseph as Justice Joseph’s elevation would raise the number of judges from Kerala in the SC whereas there are certain states which don’t have a single judge in SC.

But now as we know, the government has decided to trust the words of collegium and go with their decision to appoint K.M. Joseph for a higher post along with some other chief justices of several states. While the time they were reconsidering and thinking upon this decision of the collegium, it had already created a standoff between the Indian judiciary and the central government due to the same issue. The senior most judges of the SC expressed their opinions and showed their concerns for the coming officials and the interference of executives in the judiciary during a press conference.